2024 3rd International Conference on Mechatronic Engineering and Artificial Intelligence (MEAI 2024)

Call For Papers

Call For Papers

The topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

Mechatronic Engineering

Mechanical Adaptive Control

Microelectronic systems

Analogue Integrated Circuit Design

Fluid Drive and Control Technology

Mixed Signal Integrated Circuit Design 

Drive train dynamics control and computer systems

CNC machine tool reliability technology research

Mechatronic system dynamics

Rigid-Flexible Coupling Dynamics

Fuzzy logic and neural networks

Mechanical design, manufacturing

Dynamics of flexible cellular mechanisms

Embedded systems

Optoelectronics integrated manufacturing

Communication networks and systems

Manufacturing systems and manufacturing quality control


Vehicle control systems 

Manufacture and operation of electrical and electronic systems 

Fluid power transmission and control 

Centralised control systems for power transmission

Mixed Signal Circuits

Imaging system design and instrumentation

Modern signal processing, information fusion and data mining

Electromagnetic compatibility

Photonic and Optoelectronic Circuits

Sensing and Sensor Networks

Micro robots and micro-manipulation

Virtual/augmented reality technology

Condition monitoring, fault diagnosis and intelligent maintenance systems

Electric motors and appliances

Reliable computing and high performance computing

Artificial Intelligence

Intelligent Control

Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence Modelling and Simulation 

Scheduling and Optimization of Artificial Intelligence

Computer Vision

Intelligent Database Systems

Evolutionary Data Mining 

Robotic Fuzzy Systems

Wireless Sensors and Sensor Networks

Smart Sensors and Soft Sensors

Virtual instrumentation

Sensing technology

Fuzzy control

Neural network control

Step-by-step control

Learning Theory Control

Chaotic control

Integrated Intelligent Control

Mobile sensor networks

Robot sensing and data fusion